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Jiangsu Zhenshandao Packaging New Material Co., Ltd.
Focus on the production and sales of plastic products
It is located in Jingui Avenue, Taihe Street, Xuyi County, Huaian City, Jiangsu Province. The company specializes in the production and sales of plastic products, and provides flexible packaging services such as container bags, transport packaging bags, container inner bags, etc. At the same time, the agent of chemical raw materials and other commodities...
300Ten thousand
The annual production output reaches
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  • Drawing and film blowing are all plastic processing techniques.
    The common products of blown film are plastic bags and supermarket roll bags.
    A common product for drawing is a woven bag.

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  • For the tubular weaving process, use a circular loom to weave.
    There are many spindles on the warp creel of a circular loom,
    According to the woven fabric width and tape width.

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  • In view of the shortcomings of the existing technology
    Provide a packaging device that is easy to cut
    Fixed rolls for easy cutting

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  • Sewing mechanism of sealing and stitching automatic packaging machine
    By controlling the starting and braking of the sewing machine
    Mechanism that forces sewing machine needles to stop at top dead center

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  • The whole machine adopts a silent design.
    The packaging seal is tight and firm, and the operation is simple.
    Easy maintenance

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  • FIBC design basis.
    FIBC design basis.

    Container bags are used as export packaging, and it is necessary to ensure that the exporte…

    2022 - 03 - 16
  • Container bag features.
    Container bag features.

    1. The structural strength is sufficient, the loading and unloading operation is convenient…

    2022 - 02 - 25

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